Sunday, 24 February 2013


Anyone who has followed the history of the Middlewich Rail Link Campaign over the last 21 years as chronicled by local newspapers will have appreciated just what an up and down struggle it has been so far.
Since 1992 we've 'hit the buffers' on several occasions, been 'shunted into the sidings' more times than we care to mention, and more than once 'run out of steam' as the usual roller-coaster ride associated with any railway re-opening campaign brought alternate positive and negative messages.
According to one of our local papers we were even, at one point, and  rather alarmingly, 'run off the rails' after one attempt by some naysayer or other to discourage us.
But we have also had our periods of smooth running when we were 'given the green light' or some 'clear signals' to proceed, and it was a case of  Full Steam Ahead,.
This invariably led to us feeling 'chuffed'.
Cheshire East Council's ringing endorsement of the Middlewich Rail Link scheme is an important milestone for this campaign, for the very good reason that the council acts as the transport authority for this area and it is their responsibility to lead the process of getting the line re-opened.
A responsibility which they have now acknowledged and accepted in a very positive manner.
Below is a link to our very good friends at the Middlewich Guardian with a good news story about Cheshire East's involvement in getting Middlewich, if you'll pardon the expression, 'back on track'!

Dave Roberts

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