Monday, 6 August 2012


Mid-Cheshire Rail Users' Association

John Oates, Chairman of the Mid-Cheshire Rail Users' Association, sees   'strong economic benefits for Mid-Cheshire' along with the obvious benefits for Middlewich and for travellers from stations on the Mid-Cheshire line, particularly those living East of Northwich who will, for the first time in sixty years, be able to take advantage of direct journeys via Middlewich and Sandbach to Crewe, giving them the opportunity to use the West Coast Main Line without having to travel via Stockport or Chester or use their cars.
Here's a link to the relevant section of the 'Chairman's Blog' on the MCRUA site.
John would be particularly interested in comments from the Middlewich and Northwich areas, so please post your comments directly onto the MCRUA site (the method for posting comments on the association's site is somewhat easier than the slightly ponderous one imposed on us by Blogger).

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